Tanda Cook, ND

Dr. Tanda Cook, ND

Dr. Tanda Cook, ND, graduated from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, with a degree in biology and then continued on to receive a doctorate of naturopathic medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Cook is an expert in restoring the innate congruence between mental emotional phenomena and the physical body resulting in exception high levels of health. Combining a symphonic blend of destination medicine and long-term health consulting

Dr. Cook practices as a naturopathic physician and holistic health coach inspiring others to realize their highest potential through reestablishing the integral relationship between their life and the natural world. Creating a profound partnership between horse and client Dr. Cook gently guides people of all ages, child and adult, through a profound and life transforming healing process to over come everything from eating disorders and allergies to gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune disease and cancer.

Dr. Cook lives her medicine in every aspect of her life, residing on five acres of farmland on the banks of the Gallatin river nestled between the mountain peaks of Bozeman, Montana. There with her husband, four horses, thirteen chickens and two Labrador retrievers she practices sustainable living, raising her own food, and generously sharing of her knowledge and expertise inviting her community to experience themselves as they never have before enjoying a glass of wine at sunset on the back porch of her rustic log home.

When not practicing the natural healing arts Dr. Cook can be found mucking stalls, planting seedlings, harvesting beats, or butchering her own steaks fully savoring all the delicious richness a well lived, abundant life can offer.



4 thoughts on “Tanda Cook, ND

  1. Hi Tanda,
    I have been thinking about you alot lately. I know you no longer have your office, but I would just love to talk with you for a few minutes. Many things keep changing in my life and would like to touch base.

    Valerie Cole

  2. Hi Tanda,

    I think about you a lot and am so glad you have wrote a cookbook (I will be buying)! My husband and I are actually in the middle of a ranching deal for our own place and will be raising all natural American Kobe Beef and for ourselves I am going to have my chickens, pigs and a milk cow because of the same theory of getting back to the basics – so I will need your cookbook :)

    So happy to hear all is well – thanks for for emailing your link – hopefully next time I am in Bozeman we can catch up!

    Thanks, Angie Kober

  3. Hi Tanda! You and I were in clinic together in school (Cheryl L Riola). I always loved being on shifts w/you and helping patients together b/c you always were a firm believer in FOOD for health! I’m currently living in the Bend area and just requested all of the libraries in the area (Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Prineville, etc) to purchase your book! Good luck w/everything!

    • oh my gosh i LOVE THAT!!! and THANK YOU:) i really have embraced my love for FOOD, how it affects the body and how it affects the earth. connecting people to what they are putting in their mouths and WHERE its coming from is my mission. thank you for your message it means a lot. hope life is well.


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